Some Creepy Dudes Said Some Creepy Things To This Scientist. So She Is Addressing Them In Public.

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DISCLOSURE: I’m a dude on the Internets. As a dude on the Internets, I’ve always taken for granted how easy I have it, being a dude. My female co-workers at Upworthy constantly get creepy messages that go far beyond the messages I get from strangers. They have it much harder than I do simply because […]


FOMO Horror Movie: Video of the Day

In today's video of the day, Anna Camp is actually funny in this fake horror movie trailer about FOMO. Because really I'd rather fucking die than be stuck at home alone with a dead iPhone. FOMO is real and it's coming to get you.    Read more:


Some Well-Known Musicians Reveal The Top Reasons Why They Make Music

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I’ve always admired musicians, especially because I come from a family full of them. It’s cool to hear what makes them tick. And it’s really cool that this organization helps them actually profit from doing what they love to do. Read more:


Viral Video Recap: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split and More

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Some car companies use test drivers and special instruments to measure the precision of its vehicles. Volvo uses Jean-Claude Van Damme’s legs. This week’s Viral Video Recap features a Volvo ad that shows off the automaker’s steering stability as Van Damme balances in a full split between two reversing trucks. The real, live test has […]


A Poem About Race That Might Get Some People Angry, But It's Only Because What She’s Saying Is True

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What happens when a dangerously exciting fantasy flick is actually real life for some folks? A fearless poet breaks it all down in two minutes. Read more: