How China Deals With Internet-Addicted Teens Is Kind Of Shocking. And Maybe A Good Idea?

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The idea of treating a teen for an “addiction” to the Internet may seem a bit silly. But as this video shows, it goes way beyond some kid texting too much at dinner. Debilitating compulsive behavior can be destructive in whatever form it takes, even if it’s in digital form. But while the fact that […]


A man in a tree made a whole city laugh. Then his mom spoke out, and the laughing stopped.

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On March 22, Seattle resident Cody Miller climbed a sequoia tree outside Macy’s and refused to come down. Driver alert: #ManinTree disrupting traffic through downtown Seattle. Use alternate routes. The Seattle Times (@seattletimes) March 22, 2016 The police were called, and a minor standoff ensued. When authorities tried to coax Miller out of […]