A Charlie Brown Christmas Dance In New York City

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Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas is a favorite family tradition during the holidays for many.  That inspired Mashable to recreate the most iconic scene in the movie when the Peanuts crew dance their hearts out on the streets of New York City.  Will New Yorkers recognize the dance in real life?   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/12/21/peanuts-christmas-dance-in-new-york-city/


AXE ANARCHY Commercial Markets Body Spray To Women

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The notoriously male-only fragrance company AXE is famous for their overly sexualized commercials marketing stinky body sprays at young adolescent men who will do anything to get with a girl. Now the company is trying to double their market share by selling their sprays and products to women as well. Before people get too bent out of shape, remember AXE is […]


Harry Potter Draws His Life Musical

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Drawing My Life continues to trend on YouTube. Many famous, top YouTubers have already taken part in the fad, including popular vlogger Jenna Marbles, goofy Shane Dawson, and top YouTube comedian Ryan Higga.  The musical nerds at AVbyte went viral last week with a mock Draw My Life video for North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. That video stands […]


Two Singers Cover ‘Fancy’ With Improv Impersonations

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Musician Danny Padilla and his partner in crime Mason Sperling went viral last month with their ridiculous cover of the new hit dance beat Wiggle by Jason Derulo. Instead of covering the song as expected, the two took turns prompting the other to sing in an outrageous voice or celebrity impression. The resulting performance was hilarious, and stands with over 400,000 […]