A Really Awesome Guy Got Tired Of Being Bullied By Trolls. So He Made This. Well Played.

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Shane Koyczan was bullied as a child. He took the pain that haunted him for all these years and put it into an amazing video. Which you should really watch. Kids who are bullying victims are more than twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts and more than two and a half times as likely […]


Over 2/3 Of The World Can't Watch This Video. That's A Huge Problem.

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Outernet is a company devoted to provide Internet access worldwide. You could be in the middle of the ocean and read Tolstoy or, more importantly, in the middle of North Korea. Take a watch to see how Outernet feels about what they’re planning to do. Read more: http://upworthy.com/over-23-of-the-world-cant-watch-this-video-thats-a-huge-problem


How China Deals With Internet-Addicted Teens Is Kind Of Shocking. And Maybe A Good Idea?

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The idea of treating a teen for an “addiction” to the Internet may seem a bit silly. But as this video shows, it goes way beyond some kid texting too much at dinner. Debilitating compulsive behavior can be destructive in whatever form it takes, even if it’s in digital form. But while the fact that […]