Over 2/3 Of The World Can't Watch This Video. That's A Huge Problem.

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Outernet is a company devoted to provide Internet access worldwide. You could be in the middle of the ocean and read Tolstoy or, more importantly, in the middle of North Korea. Take a watch to see how Outernet feels about what they’re planning to do. Read more: http://upworthy.com/over-23-of-the-world-cant-watch-this-video-thats-a-huge-problem


This Girl Stood Up For Her Rights — So The Police Hit Her And Pepper-Sprayed Her In The Face

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The lead-up to the World Cup in Brazil has sparked some large public protests. But the police are trying to silence protesters and, sadly, have responded with force, tear gas, and rubber bullets. To make matters worse, the Brazilian Congress might introduce new laws that could be used to crack down even further on the […]


They Ask These Couples A Question That's Usually None Of Our Business. But Then They Show The Video.

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The world can be a tough and scary place — so much so that sometimes it doesn’t seem to make sense to keep bringing new, fresh-faced little ones into it. But let’s not forget about all the ways the world is actually becoming a better place each and every day. Yeah, we’ve got a lot […]