Ice Skating on Amsterdam’s Canals (Video)

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For the first time in 15 years the canals in Amsterdam have completely frozen, allowing people to ice skate in the middle of the town. Video made by Jaap van den Biesen and Justin Knaven. Music – ‘To Build A Home’ by Cinematic Orchestra. via Yababoon Read more:


Finally Some Good News: The Irish Potato Famine Has Been Over For More Than 150 Years

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It seems like just about every day theres another awful thing happening somewhere. But heres one story that will completely brighten your day: Its been over 150 years since the Irish Potato Famine ended. Its confirmed: There is still good in the world! Sure, every time you turn on the news theres another story about […]


Holland The Original Cool Commercial

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Visit Holland has created an instant viral hit in this new commercial, Holland The Original, promoting tourism in the small European country. The Netherlands are famous for many reasons, but Holland wants you to know about the less popular ones. Like their fresh foods, unique shops, and cycling life styles. Charlie Kelly sums up Amsterdam perfectly. “Amsterdam is full […]