Puh-LEEZE! Nicholas Kristof’s Trump budget analogy is just a LITTLE over the top

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when bad history AND bad analogy meet. https://t.co/MnSB3GCVKv — Jeff B/DDHQ (@EsotericCD) March 16, 2017 A lot of Trump critics are flipping about the president’s proposed budget, but few will phrase it more dramatically than NY Times’ columnist Nicholas Kristof: Reading through the Trump budget, I feel as the Romans must have felt in 456 […]


FUBAR! Hillary super-shill Peter Daou gets owned by Jonah Goldberg and other Conservatives … again

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Over the past few weeks, Twitchy has been reporting on superfan aka Hillary fanboy, Peter Daou and his ridiculous obsession with tweeting about Grammy Clinton. Over the weekend in fact, Daou challenged prominent Conservatives to a debate on #TrumpRussia, which didn’t go all that great for him. But Daou didn’t let that stop him from […]


Donald Trump Admitted He Made A Mistake And There’s Proof

Donald Trump just did something he rarely (or perhaps never ) does — he admitted he made a mistake. He’s said and done a lot of controversial things throughout this election cycle and never expressed any regret, so this is a pretty big moment. It recently came to light the Obama administration secretlygave around $400 […]