Botched Fresco Restoration Paints the Internet With Delight

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News of an elderly Spanish woman’s well-intentioned but bungled attempt at restoring a 19th century church fresco reverberated across the Internet Wednesday. Octogenarian Cecilia Gimenez took it upon herself to fix a deteriorated fresco of Jesus Christ originally painted by Elias Garcia Martinez. The result of the amateur painter’s work was what a BBC Europe […]


Seeing This In The Middle Of The Street Just Made My Day. It Needs To Be EVERYWHERE.

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Very few people have what it takes to be an artist professionally. There are even fewer people who are capable enough to spontaneously create art on the street or in other public venues. Oak Oak, however, is a French artist who can do just that. He takes the seemingly normal or mundane on the street and transforms […]


Pregnancy Stop Motion Timelapse

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Mystery Guitar Man is well known for his creative and unique music videos and projects. When he wife became pregnant he knew that he had to do something special. So for ten long months, he took pictures with his wife to create this cute stop motion short film. Congratulations!    Read more:


This Guy Spent 10 Years Working On His Hedge. When You See It… OMG. It’s Unbelievable.

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We live in a world of instant gratification. If we can’t have it now, we throw a tantrum and just quit. But that’s just not possible when gardening. You have to spend countless hours, days, or even years, to grow amazing things. It’s the ultimate teacher of patience. So when this gardener set out 10 years […]


An Artist Loves Literature So Much, He Creates Portraits Of His Favorite Writers.

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You can make art with anything at your disposal. Some artists use traditional media like paints, pencils, and canvas. Other outside-the-box artists use less expected tools like toothpaste. If you can think of a piece, you can create it with any materials available. Artist Alvaro Franca merges his love for literature and art in his detailed writer portraits. Franca’s […]