Baby Swan Stuck In A Fence Gets Rescued, But Not Before Daddy Causes A Scene.

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Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation received a call about a cygnet (young swan) that found itself in a terrible predicament by getting stuck in a fence. Once near the stuck little swan, Simon had to face an angry cob (male swan) that wouldn’t let anybody near his poor baby. As he attempted to get the […]


Homeless Mom And Pup Riddled With Mange Get A Life-Changing Transformation

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When a homeless pit bull mom and her puppy were brought to an animal shelter in Texas, it was clear that the adorable duo had been living an unimaginable nightmare. Both AJ and tiny Tuttle had terrible cases of mange and worms. At first, AJ was so terrified of the new surroundings that she refused […]


Grumpy dog makes hilarious sounds when woken!

Most dogs cant wait to get out of bed and go outside for their morning walk. Then theres Buddha. Try waking up this bulldog and you are going to get some ornery feedback, the likes of which youve probably never witnessed before. Heres one cute bulldog whos favorite thing is his morning sleep in time. […]


Ballerina Chipmunck

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This video from 2010 just had a popular surge thanks to being posted on Tosh.0. Every kid dreams of a pet chipmunk, but what do you do once your dreams have come true? Why, dress him up in a tutu, and have the chipmunk do a ballerina dance, of course.     Read more:


Domestic Cats Photoshopped into the Wild (7 pics)

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Scottish photographer George Logan and retoucher Tony Swinney let’s you imagine what it would be like if your cat wasn’t just a purring ball of fur. As a part of “Big Cat, Small Cat” ad campaign for Whiskas, they created a series of funny images showing tiny domestic cats chasing after antelopes, zebras, elephants and […]


Dogs Parody One Direction’s One Thing

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After much great success, The Pet Collective is continuing their pet themed parodies of pop songs. After spoofing Call Me Maybe and Rolling In The Deep so well, the pet lovers group has returned with their well trained pups to spoof boy band One Direction’s hit single One Thing.     Read more: