Giant Pandas Are No Longer Considered Endangered, So Not Everything Sucks!

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If “life is terrible and everything hurts” is something that often comes out of your face, we have good news for you! News about anything that isn’t psychologically damaging is hard to come by these days, but monitoring agencies have officially declared that the giant panda is no longer endangered, since numbers are rising in […]


FYI, The Ting Tings Have A New Song And It’s Actually Really Good


Love this. 1. Hello 2008! Remember The Ting Tings? OF COURSE you (probably do). See: “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up And Let Me Go.” 2. Well, completely randomly, they’re back with a new song called “Wrong Club” and it’s a legit bop. Video available at: Read more:


7 Ways You’re Self-Sabotaging Your Relationship To Keep It From Reaching The Next Level

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You’re in a great relationship where the two of you are both really happy. Everything seems to be swimming along well, and then . All of sudden, things are changing and you start to feel the security of your relationship slipping away. Maybe you don’t even realize why, but you’re suddenly cranky with your partner […]


Elon Musk Will Quit White House Advisor Role If America Leaves Paris Agreement

For some time now, Tesla and SpaceX maestro Elon Musk has been on the Presidents curiously named Strategic and Policy Forum essentially an advisory council for some of Americas top business leaders and innovators. Apart from investment into space exploration, theres actually little Musk and Trump agree on. The entrepreneur has defended his presence on […]