Seeing A Real Blast From Explosion

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In the movies, explosions have lots of cool added effects to make it look extra cool. But there’s nothing cooler than real life. A wave from an explosion hits the camera man.   Read more:


Hillary’s ‘relearning?’: Time to point and laugh again at Voxsplainer Ezra Klein

, , , , ,!/voxdotcom/status/481776349997457408 Never fear, Twitchy friends. Smartypants Ezra Klein is here to explain away Hillary “The Struggle” Clinton’s latest gaffes on the book trail. She’s “rusty,” you see. Dealing with reporters and stuff is confusing and scary … to an inveterate political animal, former First Lady, former U.S. Senator, and former Secretary of State. Genius Klein […]


11 Plant Diseases That Could Make Your Favorite Foods Disappear

You know people and animals get sick, but plants also get sick. Plant diseases threaten some of the world’s favorite food sources. Luckily, plant pathologists (plant doctors) stand between plant diseases and the world’s food supply. 1. 1. Stem Rust of Wheat: Pasta and Bread View this image › Bakeries would be a lot […]