Man Rescues Kittens From Arctic Cold

During a long day at work, a man stumbled across a white styrofoam box that was almost buried in the snow. It was out in the wilderness, miles away from houses, and covered in branches. It’s a miracle he even noticed it. What was inside the box broke his heart. You can barely see the […]


Blind Man Reviews Scream 4

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The Blind Film Critic, Tommy Edison, reviews the horror film we all waited eleven years for – Scream 4. Without being able to see, the movie is hard to follow. It’s just screaming and dramatic, suspenseful thumping. He only gives it two out of four eyes open. I’m surprised he could sit the whole time […]


The Panopticon President

View this image › Less than four months into President Barack Obama’s second term, the hazy perception of a government reaching further and further into individuals’ lives in an era of broad new technological surveillance and power has turned into what may be the defining critique of his Administration. President Obama, elected with the new […]


15 Reasons To Love Ben Wyatt

Funny, cute, and Leslie Knopes Husband! This is Ben Wyatt… View this image › Tumblr / Via …and these are the reasons why you should love him. 1. His Nerdiness View this image › Tumblr / Via 2. His ability to bond with his girlfriend’s best friend View this image › Tumblr / […]


Germany’s Fusion Reactor Creates Hydrogen Plasma In World First

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Scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Germany have successfully conducted a revolutionary nuclear fusion experiment. Using their experimental reactor, the Wendelstein 7-X (W7X) stellarator, they have managed to sustain a hydrogen plasma a key step on the path to creating workable nuclear fusion. The German chancellor Angela Merkel, who herself has a doctorate in […]